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Spousal Support

The court may order a spouse to provide ongoing financial assistance to the other spouse.Spousal support (alimony) generally comes in two forms: temporary and permanent, each of which has a separate and distinct objective.

Temporary Support

Temporary spousal support, sometimes called "pendente lite" support is ordered to help the parties maintain the marital standard of living that they became accustomed to during the course of their marriage.

Permanent Support

Unlike temporary spousal support the purpose of permanent spousal support is not to preserve the status quo, but to provide financial assistance, if appropriate, after dissolution and division of the parties community property. A permanent spousal support order may be awarded for a period of time that the court determines is reasonable. If the time from the date of marriage to the date of separation is less than ten years the court generally considers half the length of the marriage to be a reasonable time. However, the amount of support and how long the support order will last must take into account the 14 factors listed in FamilyCode §4320, to the extent they are relevant.

The law concerning spousal support is complex and any spousal support orders can have long lasting implications and effects. Therefore, whether you need to obtain, modify or oppose a spousal support order contact the The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith to get the help you need right away.

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