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We Help Your Custody Plan Work For Your Lifestyle

What do you do if an initial custody and visitation order no longer works? Life can change, and what was initially approved may not work for you anymore, but that does not mean you are stuck with the initial order. The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith can work with you to have the order changed through modification.

To modify the existing order, you will need to file a Request for Order, and our office can assist you in filing to avoid any potential complications. To request a modification, you need to prove there has been a significant change in your circumstances or those of your child(ren). The change also needs to be in the best interests of the child(ren) for the court to approve the modification. We understand the laws associated with modifying custody orders and can help you meet the burden of proof.

Steps To Enforce A Custody Order

What do you do if you are not looking to modify the custody order but rather have the order enforced? When finalized, the custody order has the weight of the law behind it. If the other parent is not adhering to the order, our firm can work with you to determine the best way of enforcing it.

There are several ways to enforce the visitation or custody court order, including:

  • Asking the local police department to enforce it
  • Contacting the county district attorney and looking for the Child Abduction and Recovery Unit
  • Filing a “contempt” of court action

With all of these options, we can help you understand what is involved in them. Enforcing these orders can become complicated, but our experienced team can help if you find yourself in this predicament.

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Whether you are looking to modify an existing custody or visitation order, or enforce what is currently in place, a knowledgeable attorney can help ease the process for you. The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith will look out for your best interests, as well as the ones of your child(ren). Schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help by calling 949-783-9709 or by emailing us.