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We Can Help You Gain Your Legal Rights As A Parent

Parentage is almost automatically assumed in cases if the parents were married when the child was born. However, what happens if you were not married when a child was born, and you want to establish yourself as a legal parent? The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith can help answer this question and walk you through the process necessary to establish paternity.

Before child support, custody or visitation will be ordered, paternity needs to be established. This process may involve a DNA test. Robert Goldsmith has the knowledge to ensure all the proper steps are followed.

Paternity can be established through a court order or voluntarily by signing a declaration of parentage. The voluntary declaration, which is used when parents are not married, is a form used by the state government that establishes both parents as the legal parents of a child when signed. Our firm can assist you in ensuring your paperwork is all in order.

There are several circumstances in which a person is presumed to be the other parent, and Mr. Goldsmith can explain these to you. For a married couple, the law will presume the husband or spouse is the natural and legal father of the child. This legal presumption also applies to same-sex couples and those in a registered domestic partnership after January 2005.

Who Else Benefits From Established Paternity?

While establishing paternity gives someone legal rights as a parent, it also benefits the child. It allows for a child to have the same privileges and rights as a child whose parents are married, including:

  • Legal documentation that identifies both parents
  • Financial support
  • Names of both parents on a birth certificate
  • Right to social security and veteran’s benefits, if applicable
  • Right to inherit from a parent
  • Health and life insurance from either parent
  • Access to medical records and history of family

Mr. Goldsmith can help you fully understand the privileges and rights of both you and your child after paternity has been established.

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The policies and laws in place in California can impact whether or not you are presumed to be the parent of a child. It may be necessary, either voluntarily or through the court, to establish paternity so you have the rights and privileges legally afforded to parents. The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith understands these laws and can help you with your paternity case. Email or call us at 949-783-9709 to set up a consultation to learn more.