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Let Us Uncomplicate Your Property Division

No matter how long a marriage lasted, you built a life with the other person. That means you accumulated property and assets together that, upon your divorce, need to be divided. While this can be a complicated process, The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith has the experience to help guide you through it.

Except upon the agreement of the parties, state law requires the court to divide the parties’ community property equally. Property acquired during a marriage is presumed to be community property. These items can include:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • A house

Property can also be anything of value such as a business, bank accounts and pensions. All property that was owned by a spouse prior to marriage or acquired by gift, bequest, devise or descent is considered separate property. Similarly, all earnings and accumulations acquired after the date of separation are the separate property of the acquiring spouse.

Working Toward A Fair Division

While it may seem pretty straightforward, property division can be an emotional process that can draw out your divorce proceedings. We work to safeguard your future financial stability after divorce. Robert Goldsmith provides an innovative and proactive approach to property division while fighting for fairness. We know when to bring in outside assistance, such as accountants and appraisers, to gain a better understanding of the assets and property that will be split.

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Even when the spouses agree on which of their assets is community property, dividing up the community estate can be a very complicated process, which can get in the way of an amicable settlement. To learn more about what options are available to you, email The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith or call us at 949-783-9709 .