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What Our Clients Are Saying

First impression made a positive impact for his total interest in assisting a person involved in an overwhelming legal matter. He walked me through every step to be taken with patience and dedication. He listened to every detail I needed to forward to him with a humanistic approach. He is a true server of the Law. He understands reality and reaches to common people showing care and interest in reaching an agreement. I recommend him for his amazing knowledge, his impressive commitment and his determination to fight for what he believes is right. —- M.C.

I wanted to write this review because I wanted everyone to know how good of an attorney Robert is.

I, myself, have been a trial attorney for almost 13 years. I mainly do criminal defense jury trials (murders, rapes, gang cases, and other violent crimes). My jury trials have been in the newspaper several times.

Family law is completely different than criminal law. I was in desperate need of an excellent family law attorney, to help me to change the visitation order, with my children’s mom. My children’s mom was refusing to take our children to their games, on her custody visitation days. Robert spent hours with me on the phone, his staff is very professional, he was quick to return all my emergency emails/calls, and he explained the law perfectly. In my case, Robert knew which way the ruling was going to go, for almost every situation. Plus, Robert is an excellent family law trial lawyer. Robert knows the law, he knows the courts, and he has great tactical decisions (that every client needs, in their attorney). If you want to increase your chances to get a good result, Robert is the perfect choice, in my opinion.

Lastly, he is very reasonable with his prices (despite his excellent qualifications). He is very focused on getting what’s right/fair for his clients. He is an attorney that truly cares, and you will see it right away. —- G.R.

Amazing attorney, very knowledgeable and very well-prepared for his cases. Extremely helpful and he will do everything to help you to get the result that is best for you and the children involved. —- M.H.

Mr. Goldsmith really knows his stuff. He knows the Code like the back of his hand which is impressive. He was very detailed in explaining the pros and cons of every situation so an informed decision could be made. His honesty and diligence show through his body of work. I would recommend his services to anyone. —- S.H.

Mr. Goldsmith has represented me three times over a number of years. I can tell you that I have never seen an attorney work harder or get better results for me than Mr. Goldsmith did. In one of the cases, Mr. Goldsmith took on the former law practice of Richard Nixon, a powerhouse firm, and was able to secure an excellent settlement in my favor. I am impressed by his forthrightness and work ethic as well as his legal ethics. Mr. Goldsmith is able to communicate with his clients in a language and manner that leaves no room for errors and yet leaves one with the belief that one has a friend as an advocate. I recommend Mr. Goldsmith in the highest possible terms to anyone needing the services of an attorney. Many are more expensive than he is, but there are none better. —- C.D.

Fantastic Attorney! Mr. Goldsmith represented me and was able to win my case over what seemed to be overwhelming odds. He cares about his clients and their cases. I would recommend his law office to anyone. I consider his level of professionalism to be second to none and he also has the tenacity of a bulldog. Plus, he’s a nice guy too. — R.D.