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We Fight For You In Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is a complicated legal process with many issues involved. When people try to represent themselves in their own divorces, they are usually unable to handle the legal nuances involved with drafting pleadings and other legal documents, and mistakes in this regard can cause long-term problems for years to come. Working with an experienced divorce lawyer is the only way to ensure that your rights will be protected and you will be in the best position possible after your divorce.

At The Law Office of Robert Goldsmith, we represent clients throughout Orange County, California, in a range of matters related to divorce and family law. Newport Beach attorney Robert Goldsmith has more than 20 years of legal experience and a commitment to providing personalized, in-depth service to every client he represents.

We work with clients in all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Child custody: We work with our clients to create parenting plans that protect the children’s interests and work effectively for everyone involved.
  • Support: Our law firm helps clients through the process of determining child support, spousal support and maintenance.
  • Property division: We help our clients with all aspects of dividing property.
  • Complex and high-asset divorces: Attorney Goldsmith and our legal team focus on handling the most complex property division matters. We have strong connections with the legal and financial experts needed in these complex property division cases.
  • Modifications: Our legal team helps clients in custody modifications and other post-divorce modification matters.

With two decades of experience, we prepare for the worst but fight for the best. We strive for nonlitigious solutions whenever possible – an approach that saves our clients time and money in most cases, and usually results in a better outcome. However, we are also prepared to represent our clients’ rights aggressively in the courtroom. We answer any questions you may have to help keep you informed throughout the process,

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